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Excel course


This course is free, the documentation of the course is sent to you so that you can do it from home. You have a time to do it of two months, although you can do it in an hour.

Once the course is completed, you send it to us to correct it and if you want the certificate of having completed it, you will be billed £ 5.00 for sending you the certificate.

Why is it important to know and work with Excel?

• In principle, in all companies in the administrative area, Excel is necessary to carry out an intervention of invoices, accounting, etc.

• One of the best advantages of Excel is that it supports making complicated calculations with a single click, thanks to the formulas that you can create with it.

• At a professional level in both small and medium-sized companies, Excel is optimal for managing databases: constituting data and information quickly.

• Excel allows us to create dynamic charts and tables that help to analyse the evolution of the company. Therefore, being aware of how to create and examine them is very important.

In this course you will learn to:

• Present graphics so that other colleagues or managers can read and interpret them.

• Apply functions and, in particular, the glowing proportion.

• How to create data tables and what they are.

• Apply different formats in Excel to obtain personalized documentation, applying the company’s corporate colours.

• How to display the results or settlements obtained after examining tables or graphs.

• How to apply the formula and create all kinds of charts

Course content

This course lasts approximately 45 minutes and is made up of tutorials that are grouped into different topics:

• Graphics presentations

• Functions: proportion

• Data tables

• Formats

• Presentations of results

•         Graphics

•         Prime numbers

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