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How to online College admission?

Our goal is to provide an outstanding education and life-changing opportunities for all of our students whether they are under the age from 10 to of 18 year’s old or adults in education.

We hope that you will find all the information you need to apply directly to us in the links below.

If not, please email us at the school office. They will be very happy to help.

The fees and the course payment must be paid two days advance before it starts the course and the payment must not be made on Friday, so that the administrative part will have time to register it and add it to the class group.

Ana Aparicio owner, Head Teacher of the Online School and Head of Administration and Business.

For language courses you must do the languages Spanish / English test before you apply to our language courses to know you level.

Download the test “Spanish – test and test answerers” do and send to us with the application form.

For any question fill out the application form and send it to us with your questions. We will answer you as soon as possible, it usually takes a day or two to answer.

To register for any course and take the course, write application form and Student Form, language test, pay for the course in advance and you will be informed of the level of the chosen language test, however look at the curriculum to know your level of Languages. When we have received the payment, you will be informed to start the chosen course on the day and time.

Remember that we are an International School and we have students around the world and with different schedules, that is why we use e-mail as the main means of communication.

For any questions, write to the email

Courses and Enrolment Procedure & Terms and Conditions.

Enrolment procedure

Once your level has been established, or if you are a complete beginner, you can enroll online and pay before starting the course by credit or debit card with PayPal. The enrolment office is open at the following times:  Monday to Friday 08:30am to 18:00 Payment of the enrolment fee indicates acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. Early enrolment is highly advisable. Enrolment and course payment is automatically confirmed once the payment has been received. Students enrolled will be contacted in advance in case the course needs to be cancelled. We regret to inform you that we cannot accept payment of fees by instalments. Books will not be included on the course fees. You will don’t need books. The school will be giving a free library, homework.


To be eligible for a 3% discount on our Spanish or English Courses you must have been enrolled on a course in the last two terms at Colegio Online Aparicio in London.

For an extra 2% discount you must book at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the course and have been enrolled on a course in the last two terms at Colegio Online Aparicio (1 week for Intensive and Crash courses).

A 10% discount also applies for all courses to full-time courses year.

Cancellations and refunds

Under any circumstances students could attend any other course, on a different date or time to that established in the enrolment. Students should consider their personal commitments and circumstances before enrolment as we regret that no fees are refundable under any circumstances once the course has started. No partial refund can be granted for classes not attended and no postponement can be allowed.

Cancellations must be made in writing by sending an email to at least one working day before the beginning of the course and are subject to a 10% charge of the total course fee if there are more than two continuing curses enrolment. All courses require a minimum of 5 students in order to run. Colegio Online Aparicio reserves the right to cancel a course in case of an insufficient number of students or due to unforeseen circumstances. Courses may be cancelled at short notice. Once a course is cancelled students will be notified immediately, and they will be entitled, when possible to be transferred to a different time slot, on a different date.  

Colegio Online Aparicio reserves the right to change teachers during a course. Occasionally trainee teachers may participate in the classes. Colegio Online Aparicio reserves the right to change, in exceptional cases, and by giving notice in advance, the timetable of some class sessions. Classes may also be cancelled at short notice in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The courses are intensive weeks of one week each, or those that you buy, so if the student cancels, only 10% of the amount of the course is refunded, as long as they notify four days in advance by email, there it is not refund of administration and management fees provided. In each course the fees are charged per week in which the courses are.

The one-year courses, a 50% refund will be returned as long as they have notified by email two weeks before the course begins. there it is not refund of administration and management fees provided.

Private one-to-one classes are not refunded, of the hours contracted by the student and there it is not refund fees or administration and management fees provided.

A 10% discount also applies for all courses to full-time courses year.

If you have more than one child to do any courses. Please contact with us for special promotions.

Change of course

Students should consider their personal commitments and circumstances before enrolling in a class, as they will need prior approval from the College to move to another class, and this can only be done once to another course in the same term during the first weeks of the course, provided that there are places available in the course they wish to move to. No changes are allowed in Intensive and Crash courses.

Missed lessons

In case of missed lessons students must speak to their teacher directly before or after the missed session. Lessons cannot be taken on a different day or time other than the course you are enrolled in to maintain the quality of our courses. There it is not refund for the days you are missing you class for your private circumstances. Teachers are not available to be contacted outside class.

Please note that the enrolment office does not provide the teachers’ contact details. Students do not need to contact the enrolment office to notify they will miss a class.

Colegio Online Aparicio headquarters in London is committed to maintain an encouraging environment for the staff, students and visitors online and will not tolerate any form of violence or abusive behavior online, including offensive and/or insulting and/or abusive language (OIAL) committed by or against any member of its community.

Payment courses and fees of the enrolment acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. Early enrolment is highly advisable

Colegio Online Aparicio – London, HP24TR. E-mail:

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