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What is artificial intelligence?

Intelligent machineries imitator the cognitive functions of humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the mixture of algorithms proposed for the determination of creating machines that have the same abilities as individuals.

Artificial intelligence works by merging large quantities of data with fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, permitting software to automatically acquire from patterns or characteristics in the data.

An example that is very common today is that artificial intelligence (AI) is the fold of human intelligence into machines, providing them with the ability to reason, deduce, learn, make forecasts, etc. Often, we associate it with the portrait of a physical and humanized robot, as in the movies.

The reality of the operation of artificial intelligence that already works for a long-time today’s world-wide are

Voice recognition on mobile phones in data such as reading or sending emails, surfing the Internet, making suggestions, running translation applications, such as Google translations or others is artificial intelligence

Recognition of objects in Virtual Reality with expansion of applications, another scenario is opened to show the AI in action and the movement of objects is followed, recognizing them in time and processing it courteously

Hardware for Artificial Intelligence. The chips are the neural engine and the entire information process. The most modern phones have the perfected hardware to withstand the entire process that AI demands, that is, they are designed to process data faster

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, algorithms assimilate consumer habits and tastes by means of contiguous data, which they later transform into insinuations through dissimilar applications, such as medicine, transportation, music, just to suggest a few.


The future is already present

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